Hardballs Records releases Yamaha PSS-790 Drum Kit, free sample pack

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  Aug 15, 2011
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 Hardballs Records has released Yamaha PSS-790 Drum Kit, free sample pack.

All sounds in this bank are the original sounds from the Yamaha PSS-790 without any kind of processing or effects. We also preserved the original volume differences among the sounds, although that doesn't always sound that good

However, I gave myself the freedom to organize the sounds in the bank in a way that is more convenient for use with laptop and MIDI keyboards, but you can easily organize the samples in any way you like.

51 sounds, all samples are 44.1 khz 24 bit stereo aiff  files.
Recorded thru the Pro Tools HD from Yamaha PSS-790
without any effects or processing.

Also you can hear short demo here.

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