Guitarix (Linux) updated to v0.09.0

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  Jun 8, 2010
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Guitarix is a simple Linux amplifier for jack (Jack Audio Connektion Kit) with one input and two outputs. Designed to get nice thrash/metal/rock guitar sounds. There are controls for bass, treble, gain,compressor, preamp, balance, distortion, freeverb, impulse response, crybaby(wah) and echo.

New in v0.09.0

  • Make distortion a multiband distortion
  • Fix bug in resample IR-files
  • Resample IR-files now on-the-fly
  • Add insert point ports to the effect chain
  • Add --optimization flag for configure the build
  • Switch to double precision instead of single precision
  • Fix bug in reconfigure convolver when preset change
  • Add patch from Peder Hedlund, build against gtk-2.12.9 and gcc-4.3.1
  • Add faust 0.9.24 to the good_faust_versions
Guitarix is free (open source).

Also watch hirnschabe's demo of Guitarix here.