FrozenPlain updates Victorian Music Box for Kontakt to v1.1

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  Jun 24, 2014
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FrozenPlain has released version 1.1 of Victorian Music Box, a free virtual instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

The music box is in the back on a 19th century book; when it opens, the music should begin playing, and in this case, God Save the Queen. It has been meticulously sampled with plenty of round robin in order to replicate the dark, antique sound.

These samples are then handpicked and arranged in Kontakt, and with it, 3 pages of scripting. The result is a tool that is perfect for creating atmosphere in your music.

The first page includes a random knob; this delays the start time of the notes which is great for adding realism to the instrument. As you can imagine, an actual music box will not hit multiple notes at the exact same time.

The effects page contains a tempo synced delay, rotator, distortion and reverb. With these you can alter the sound quite a lot to create anything from an ambient pluck to a gritty distorted tone.

Victorian Music Box Features

  • 9 presets (.nki files).
  • 4 round robin.
  • Stereo recordings 44.1kHz/ 24bit.
  • 21 impulse responses.
  • 4 effects: reverb, delay, distortion and rotator.
  • 8 presets each for reverb and delay.
  • Attack/ release and low/ high EQ controls.
  • Randomise start times of notes for realism.

The library is a free download. Requires full version of Kontakt 5.

Visit: FrozenPlain