Farfisa Professional 1 electric organ – Free Samples

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  Apr 7, 2010
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Illuminated sounds has released Farfisa Professional 1, free sample pack.

Recently one of the guys that I work with gave me some gear that was not working so I could fix it up.  One of the pieces that I ended up with was a Farfisa Professional 1 electric organ.

At first the organ seemed to be working fine and just needed to be cleaned and restored a little bit,  but with a closer look it seem that the Farfisa took a nice hit to the top of the organ.  A couple of the tone switches were bad and the faders are almost useless.  The organ works fine as long as you do not play a Ab or a Eb, pressing one of these notes would cause the organ to start to glitch out in a cool way.  So before I start to fix this guy up I wanted to sample it, and share it with all of you.  Enjoy.

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