easytoolz releases minitron free analog minisynth plugin

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  Oct 7, 2011
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Easytoolz has released minitron, a freeware virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows.

a new toy for the masses, a 'Emu' of the Korg Monotron, it is not a real Emulation, more a Adaption of the simple but effective

Minitron Features

  • Monophonic synth with structure of the Korg Minisynth.
  • 1 Oscillator (saw).
  • 1 LFO (pulse).
  • 'Moogysh' LP-filter.
  • Overdrive and Master volume.
  • Includes 16 patches.
minitron is available as a freeware VST instrument plugin for Windows.

Visit: easytoolz