EarthMomenths releases Shruti Box free Ableton Live Virtual Instrument

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  Aug 22, 2012
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EarthMomenths has recently released Shruti Box, a free sound library for Ableton Live.

A Shruti Box is a small hand-pumped wooden instrument that provides a rich drone background as support to singing or playing almost any instrument.

The use of the Shruti Box has widened with the cross-cultural influences of world music and new age music, providing a drone for many other instruments not typically associated with it.

While normally it has been associated with Indian Music, the Shruti box is enjoying a renaissance in the West amongst traditional and contemporary musicians who are using it for a range of different styles.

We have captured an organic wooden shruti at 96kHz using tube mics and preamps.

Shruti Box

  • A tube recording of hand crafted wooden Shruti box from India
  • Captures the full range of the Instrument
  • System of bellows
  • Special designed Audio FX Rack to enhance the organic sound.
The library is available to download at no cost at EarthMoments.

Visit: EarthMoments