eaReckon FREE87 series, bundle of free compressor, gate, equalizer, and limiter effect plug-ins

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  Jul 9, 2010
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eaReckon has announced the release of the FREE87 series of free effect plug-ins for Windows.

The FREE87 series is based on the upcoming ANALOG87 series which features a set of 5 high quality analog-style VST effects for Windows. Instead of just providing a limited demo of the ANALOG87 series, eaReckon is glad to offer fully working free plugins using the same engine.

These tiny VST plugins for Windows are not only easy to use, they sound good too. Even though some of the controls of the ANALOG 87 versions have been stripped out, they will probably have a useful place in your virtual rack.


  • FR-COMP 87, compressor + integrated 0dB brickwall limiter.
  • FR-GATE 87, gate.
  • FR-EQUA 87, 1-band parametric equalizer.
  • FR-LIMIT 87, brickwall limiter.
The FREE87 series plug-ins are available to download as free VST effect plug-ins for Windows PC. A (free) user account at www.eareckon.com is required.

Visit: eaReckon