CWI Technology updates TX16Wx Software Sampler to v1.0.06

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  Feb 28, 2012
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CWI Technology has updated TX16Wx Software Sampler to version 1.0.06.

TX16Wx Software Sampler is a free VSTi Sampler with professional features and an easy to use graphical interface. Built to mimic the best aspects of old hardware samplers, but with the quick and easy operation of modern software. An instrument not for preset players, but people who enjoy making and playing their own samples.

Changes in TX16Wx Software Sampler v1.0.06

  • Fixed Sample trim not updating loops.
  • Fixed sample view not drawing preview lines properly when zoomed + scrolled.
  • Fixed splits to groups creating groups with broken split keys, causing crash when editing.
  • Fixed crash when importing Soundfonts with broken sample link info.
  • Fixed reading Soundfont preset key/velocity range, making instrument velocity layers handling work better.
  • Added program change support. Sending MIDI program change on any channel will now switch between performances.
  • Added name based sample matching to build stereo samples from Soundfont samples with broken sample links.
  • Added joining of stereo pair instrument zones to stereo groups when importing sound fonts.
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