Brain Control updates Tunefish to v3.1 RC

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  Oct 25, 2011
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Brain Control has updated the free Tunefish synth to version 3.1 RC.

Tunefish is a tiny virtual analogue synth that was originally developed for the demo scene or, to be more precise, for 64k intros of the demo groupBrain Control. The synth itself is developed to fit into 10kb of compressed machine code, but they have decided to release the larger VSTi version of it for free to the public. The synth is an ongoing project under active development and feedback is very welcome.

Changes In Tunefish v3.1 RC

  • Fixed bug in spline oscillator when using spline mode and 3 waypoints.
  • Implemented Spline control.
  • Implemented auto-offset for spline oscillator.
  • Manual offset parameter removed. it's no longer possible to create an un-balanced signal.
  • Improved unisono hit on CPU.
  • Got rid of many drop down boxes in favor of buttons.
  • Got rid of old knobs in favor of new ring scale buttons with value display.
  • Implemented manage dialog for easy managing of instruments.
  • Added pulse and noise waveforms to LFO.
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