Boscomac releases Retro Beat Mk2 for Reaktor

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  Apr 13, 2013
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Boscomac has released Retro Beat Mk2, a free instrument ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor.

As you know, RETRO BEAT met international success, even intergalactic! What, you did not know this? The shame

In short, it was necessary to extend the story and it's done because RETRO BEAT becomes RETRO BEAT MK2! The principle is the same except that instead of 7 machines vintage, there is not 8, not 9.. but 27 drums. Yes ma'am, yes sir. And every sound was of course worked with analog processing. Yes ma'am, yes sir. And tape simulator was adjusted. Yes ma okay.

Retro Beat Mk2 Features

  • 27 vintage beatboxes and drums synths.
  • Includes sounds of Roland, Mxr, Vermona, Hohner, LinnDrum, Mattel, Simmons, Boss, Korg, Wersimatic, Hammond, Boehm, MFB, Polyvox, Casio, Electro Harmonix, etc.
  • Analog treatment with Cartec Audio preamp, Chandler Limiter EQ, Shadow Hills compressor.
  • Supports multi-out.
The ensemble is a free download. Requires Reaktor 5 full version. Donation are appreciated.

Visit: Boscomac