Bolder Sounds releases Music Maker V2 for Kontakt 4

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  Mar 31, 2011
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Bolder Sounds has released Music Maker V2, a free Hammered Dulcimer sample library for Kontakt 4.

The first version of this sample library was originally created in April of 2004 in conjunction with the release of the Hammered Dulcimer Trilogy. Since then – Bo Clausen has contributed some inspiring Kontakt scripting which updates the Music Maker instrument to Version 2.

The Music Maker is a dulcimer designed as a child's toy musical instrument. It is supplied with a guitar pick and some sheets that slide underneath the string telling you which strings to pluck from left to right. Featuring such hits as 'Darling Clementine' and 'Aura Lee', etc.

Version 2 features 5 x round-robins per key, layer presets, (presets have examples saved with the instrument), a filters page that has three versions – 2-pole, 4-pole and 6-pole, an expanded key range and much more.

Visit: Bolder Sounds