Benniy C. Bascom launches Polyrythmus for Max for Live

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  Jul 23, 2014
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Benniy C. Bascom has launched Polyrhythmus, a Max for Live device for sequencing drums, melodies, CCs and parameters and/or build very complex yet mathematically logical and uncommon arpeggios for live purposes.

POLYRHYTHMUS is a rhythm sequencer, arpeggio builder, cc and parameter automator and mathematical geek.

build polyrhythmic (counterpoint, polymetric etc) patterns, use them (live) as arpeggiators and/or to sequence drums, CCs, parameters of your live etc. run sequences sinusodial, trigger one sequence with another, have 23 steps run in the same time as 5 others do, skip steps, randomize parameters and alot more. give the long video a chance.

Polyrhythmus is available to download for free (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial).

Visit: Polyrhythmus