Audacity updated to v2.0.2

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  Sep 14, 2012
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Audacity was recently updated to version 2.0.2. A significant bug that caused clicks on split lines has been fixed, and there are improvements to several toolbars and to some Nyquist effects.

Bug Fixes

  • Interface:
    • Retain labels Interface Preference did not retain labels for a region that snapped exactly to both label edges.
    • Projects did not save the track selected state.
    • (OS X, Linux) Timer Record: Interlinking of the Start, End and Duration controls was broken.
    • (Windows) JAWS screen-reader did not read the Draw curves and Graphic EQ radio buttons in Equalization correctly.
  • Envelopes and Clips: Exporting (or any render operation) on a track containing split lines could create clicks at the split lines.
  • Effects and Analysis: Normalize could crash if the track name contained %.

Changes and Improvements

  • Duration controls when generating at a point now default to hh:mm:ss + milliseconds format. Selection Toolbar also defaults to that format on first installation or resetting preferences.
  • Toolbars visual improvements:
  • Snap To in Selection Toolbar now has an explanatory tooltip.
  • Device Toolbar tooltips now display the selected device.
  • Increased default width of Device Toolbar and Meter Toolbar.
  • Improvements and some bug fixes to Nyquist effects, including:
  • Delay (new option to prevent duration change).
  • Sample Data Export (new L-R on Same Line layout option).
  • Risset Drum (new Amplitude slider).
  • Importing a labels file writes the file name to the name of the Label Track, and exporting a labels file offers the name of the last Label Track in the project.
  • Removed the Audio cache option from Directories Preferences due to frequent crash reports. All data operations will now be written to disk and not to RAM.
  • Removed the FFmpeg On-Demand option from Libraries Preferences (this fixes Audacity not building if configured --without-ffmpeg).
  • Compilation: Progress on making the Modules feature mainstream. Modules can now be individually enabled and disabled in Preferences.
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