Arto Vaarala updates Kirnu to v1.2

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  Nov 14, 2011
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Arto Vaarala has released version 1.2 of Kirnu, a free arpeggiator plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Changes In Kirnu v1.2

  • Kirnu 1.2 now uses completely new MIDI engine
  • Fixed bug when automating the Direction parameter
  • Looping problems in Studio One, Cubase
  • Custom sort mode changed to use absolute note list values
  • Custom sort mode fixed to behave correctly as it should have from the beginning
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Midi learn available in pattern step view
  • Midi learn state is now saved when preset is saved
  • Kirnu is no more focused when it gets mouse over event
Kirnu is available as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Visit; Arto Vaarala