AfroDJMac releases Unusual Percussion, free Ableton Live pack

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  Feb 16, 2012
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AfroDJMac has released Unusual Percussion, free Ableton Live pack.

In this rack you will hear keyboard keys, long cardboard tubes, plastic objects being hit, vinyl crackles, glitchy noises created with Ableton's Operator synth, a lighter, and a couple other miscellaneous things that are escaping my memory at this moment.  All in all, it's 126 different percussive sounds. And they can all be mangled in infinite ways

Once the samples get inside the drum rack, I put the Ableton rack system to work.  So, we have control over a high pass filter, volume, and transposition.  The transposition knob can be used to really widen the scope of these sounds.  We can get some interesting pitch stretched sounds this way.  I put an arpeggiator in there as well.  I really like using Ableton's arpeggiator with percussion and drum samples to recreate the note-repeat function on many drum machines.  If you simultaneously play a couple different samples, you will get some cool rhythmic patterns.  This itself can be quite inspiring.  

Finally, I've added Ableton's Corpus effect to dramatically change the timbre of your samples.  This is a deep and fascinating effect, but don't be scared of it.  It's really a lot of fun and you can wind up with some really cool sounds as a result.  I've mapped three useful controls to macro knobs to give you a place to start.

Unusual Percussion Rack for Ableton is available as a free download.

Visit: AfroDJMac