AfroDJMac releases Tuned 808 Bass Synth free Ableton Live Rack

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  Dec 2, 2011
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AfroDJMac has released Tuned 808 Bass Synth, a free Ableton Live Rack.

The iconic Roland 808 drum machine is a staple in modern music. Each sound is loaded with character and can be found across many musical genres.

This week I spent some time with samples of the heavy hitting bass drum. The result is a Free Ableton Live Device Rack that allows you to play the bass drum like an instrument. I've tuned the bass drum and spread it out over the keyboard to create a bass instrument that allows your bass drum to play in key with your songs and even play melodies.

The Tuned 808 Bass Synth for Ableton is available as a free download for AfroDJMac Facebook fans.

Visit: AfroDJMac