AfroDjMac releases Monotron Delay Emulation, free Ableton Live rack

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  Apr 23, 2012
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AfroDjMac has released Monotron Delay Emulation, free Ableton Live rack.

Today's free Ableton Live Pack is an emulation of the Korg Monotron Delay.  It was made with samples from the original Korg Monotron.

The Monotron Delay Rack has 8 macro controls that allow you to greatly alter its sound.  It features controls for the synth's filter and an LFO that is modulating the filter frequency.  There, of course, is plenty of control over the delay.  You can alter the amount of delay, the time between each delay, and a band-pass filter to change the character of the delay.  I have set the delay itself to repitch mode, which emulates analog tape delays.

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