AbletonOp releases free Leslie Cabinet Ableton Rack

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  Oct 23, 2012
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AbletonOp has released a free Leslie Cabinet emulation for use in Ableton Live.

Had a conversation in a Reddit thread in response to the last article that lead to Leslie Cabinets. The Leslie is an awesome rotary cabinet used on many great recordings in many different ways. They are primarily used for B3 organ but their unique abilities have inspired many other creative uses. So I decided to try and emulate the Leslie cabinet in Live.

I tried to think of every aspect of a real world Leslie. So at the top, Macro 1, is the input volume. Macro 2 adds in the Tube effects, layering from clean to dirty tubes. Macro 3 is the Drive for the tubes. After the tubes, Macro 4 controls the Gain of the Amp effect.

A Leslie has two speakers, the mid-high range speaker with the double horn, and a low range speaker with a rotating baffle. Macro 5 controls the cutoff frequency for the two speakers. Macro's 6 and 7 are volume controls for the hi and low chains, and Macro 8 controls the speed of the rotation. If you take a look under the hood, you can see that I've even included a 'wind' module that emulate the extra wind noise caused by the double horn at higher speeds.

Feel free to experiment with different Amp and Cabinet settings. I hope you enjoy the AbletonOp Leslie Cabinet. Thanks to johnnybigoode for the inspiration.

The Leslie Cabinet for Live is a free download.

Visit: AbletonOp