Reality (free)

Category: Synthesizers
  Apr 27, 2010
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Reality is an emulation of the Realistic MG-1, a synth that was sold by Radio-shack but was made by the Moog company. Special attention was given to the oscillators, analog instability and overall oddness of the original.

Reality Features:

  • 2 analog style oscillators (tone sources) with saw/square waveform, sync and ring modulation (bell).
  • Noise generator.
  • Tempo sync LFO (modulation) with triangle, square and random waveforms.
  • ASR envelope (contour).
  • VCA with multiple mode, envelope, key (gate) and continuous.
  • 24db filter modulated by the LFO and Envelope.
  • Monophonic or polyphonic modes with separate tuning.
Reality is available to download as a free VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit: SAR VSTs

DOWNLOAD 5.10 mb