BigTick Rainbow (free)

Category: Bass synths
  Mar 29, 2010
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Bit Tick Rainbow was released about … 10 years ago. It was a commercial product priced at 70 EUR but not anymore.

About a month ago Big Tick changed it's license (as well as their other 'old' products such as Angelina, EP-Station) to freeware, which means it requires a some attention.

  • VSTi & Standalone versions
  • FM, AM, additive and subtractive synthesis
  • 1 to 4 oscillators per voice
  • Up to 24 voices (CPU dependant)
  • Selectable shape (sine, saw, square, triangle, noise)
  • Coarse / Fine tuning knobs, with selectable keyboard tracking mode
  • LFO mode
  • Distortion (Waveshaping knob)
  • APDSR (Attack/Peak/ Decay/ Sustain/ Release) level envelope
  • Control of the level by midi velocity and/or key position
  • 4Ч4 Frequency and Amplitude modulation matrix
  • Selectable Low, High, or Band pass double mode filter, with cutoff and resonance controls
  • APDSR envelope and env mod knob
  • Resonance controllable by midi velocity
  • APDSR pitch envelope
  • Portamento
  • High-quality oversampling mode with antialias filter
  • Fully midi-controlled, all controllers can be customised
  • Supports Doepfer Pocket Dial controller
  • 16 step sequencer
  • Microtuning support.
Visit: Big Tick Audio (requires free registration)

DOWNLOAD 4.19 mb