ANGSTkILLERmini (freeware)

Category: Bass synths
  Aug 16, 2010
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ANGSTkILLERmini is freeware synth plug-in for Windows PC.

ANGSTkILLERmini is built around a simple FM oscillator with a hidden “modulator”, which uses a Sine wave to modulate the phase of the main oscillator, or “carrier”. It is very simple to use, yet capable of a surprising range of usable timbres. This is one of the best little killerz of all time!

ANGSTkILLERmini Features

  • beefed up tempo-synced LFO with 19 waveforms,
  • 6-point modulation envelope,
  • traditional ADSR VCA envelope,
  • powerful Unison mode,
  • Mono/Poly operation,
  • revised Gate effect,
  • great sounding overdrive.
  • Visit: NOVAkILL

    DOWNLOAD 6.31 mb