Funxion (freeware)

Category: Synthesizers
  Apr 24, 2013
Total votes: 1485

Funxion is a freeware VST synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

Funxion VSTI is a Hybrid Synthesizer with user definable functions for waveforms and distortion.

Funxion Features

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Pterosaur (free)

Category: Bass synths
  Jun 5, 2012
Total votes: 3040

Pterosaur is a free synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

Pterosaur is a 16 oscillator synth. It's loosely inspired by the classic Supersaw sound of the Roland JP-8000 in that the output of each oscillator can be independently detuned and panned, creating a very rich sound.

The basic waveform produced by the oscillators is a sawtooth wave which can be morphed into a sort of saw/pulse hybrid with the mod control.

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