Funxion (freeware)

Category: Synthesizers
  Apr 24, 2013
Total votes: 2469

Funxion is a freeware VST synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

Funxion VSTI is a Hybrid Synthesizer with user definable functions for waveforms and distortion.

Funxion Features

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Dionysos (free)

Category: Ambient / FX / Pads
  Apr 16, 2013
Total votes: 2191

Dionysos is a freeware synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

Dionysosis a hybrid synthesizer: Subtractive, FM and Additive

Dionysos Features



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RECsoprano (freeware)

Category: Ethnic / Classic / Guitar
  Apr 13, 2012
Total votes: 1956

RECsoprano is a free soprano recorder plug-in for Windows PC.

Released as a Christmas gift, RECsoprano add envelope control, choice between contemporary and classical instrument tunning, visualization of the fingering while you play, polyphonic voices and a polyphonic portamento to the soprano recorder instrument played and recorded by Mihai Sorohan.

RECsoprano Features

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Combo Model V (freeware)

Category: Organ
  Apr 14, 2010
Total votes: 921

Combo Model V is a freeware virtual combo organ, modelled after a well-known combo organ from the 1960s.

Combo Model V features

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Acrobatics Alieno (freeware)

Category: Arpeggiator
  Jan 19, 2010
Total votes: 1082

Performance monophonic synthesizer with advanced step-modulation, suitable for lead lines, sequences and special FX synthesis. 144 original sounds included.

Acrobatics Alieno Features
  • 6 oscillators arranged in 3 modules
  • Multimode 12dB filter: low/hi/bandpass, peaking & notch
  • 16 steps LFO with pattern memory, randomizing and templates

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