Homegrown Sounds releases Kosmology FreeFall

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  May 9, 2014
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Homegrown Sounds has released Kosmology FreeFall, a free Kontakt library featuring sampled instruments from across all Kosmology and Kosmos releases.

FreeFall is a completely Free version of the powerful Kosmology Sequencing System, which uses 110 Sampled Instruments collected from current Kosmology and Kosmos products to offer a free entry point into the world of Kosmology. Kosmology provides 8 completely separate instances which can be switched in real-time via a specified set of Midi notes. Each instance uses 2 synths with independent Filters, has 7 sequencers with independent clock divides and step amounts as well as 48 assignable parameters. The workflow is enhanced by lots of useful options such as copying, pasting and randomizing and a single instance can be copied to all Instances or to a specific instance. The idea is that you set up the 8 instances and then play them as an instrument as you would with any synthesizer, they are even polyphonic.

Kosmology FreeFall is available to download for free at Homegrown Sounds.

Visit: Homegrown Sounds