Design the Media releases Polivoks Live Pack

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  Jun 25, 2012
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Design the Media has released the Polivoks Live Pack, a free Ableton Live sound library by Tristan Hйau and Julien Bayle.

New Ableton Live Pack designed by Tristan Hйau, with a collection of more than 300 samples from the very famous Russian synth POLIVOKS. Those sounds where carefully recorded, using a accurate tuner, and APOGEE preamps in order to catch that raw, nasty, analog sounds from this eastern beast.

But that's not all folks. Tristan also created specific drum kits, Simpler presets (made from simpler and sampler live instruments) and custom instruments Racks (with esoteric macro knobs to be mapped to your favorite midi controller).

The sound library is a free download (registration required).

Visit: Design the Media