Big Tick updates Zen to v1.6 beta 3

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  Mar 1, 2011
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Big Tick Audio has released version 1.6 beta 3 of Zen, the universal presets manager for Windows and Mac.

I've just released Zen 1.6 public beta 3. Here is the mandatory changelog. The first point marks a turning point in the history of releases, lifting up one of the most complained-about limitations of Zen.

Changes In Zen v1.6 Beta 3

  • All users can now activate any plugin locally. For designers, the first preset uploaded for a local plugin makes this plugin public.
  • Replaced 'hidden' and 'favorites' tags by icons.
  • Add presets comments to the ZenCore engine.
  • Better design for the presets sort option.
  • Add shopping cart icon.
  • Zen will now silently ignore duplicate warnings happening within a few ms.
  • Add mousewheel on preset name to scroll through presets.
  • Fixed crash when trying to apply a tag without first selecting a preset.
  • Fixed bug when using full-text with ' character.
  • Fixed (for the last time:)) the problem with Zen not exiting properly.
  • User ratings are not lost when uploading a preset. [v1.6 beta 2]
  • Added option to clear the stored path for a plugin. [v1.6 beta 2]
  • 'untagged' attribute was sometimes displayed incorrectly. [v1.6 beta 2]
  • Fixed a rogue entry in the synths list. [v1.6 beta 2]
  • Fixed a rare bug where uploads would be stuck in a loop. [v1.6 beta 2]
  • Fixed another bug where Zen would stay running indefinitely in the background. [v1.6 beta 2]
  • Changed installer system on windows – it will prompt for update, or fresh installation. [v1.6 beta 2]
  • Drastic (x10) performance improvements in the search queries. [v1.6 beta 1]
  • Added button to clear the current search criteria. [v1.6 beta 1]
  • Add presets rating. [v1.6 beta 1]
  • Add search results sort options: by ratings + name, by ratings + date, by name, by date. [v1.6 beta 1]
  • Add Volume control. [v1.6 beta 1]
  • Replaced some tags with icons. [v1.6 beta 1]
  • Fixed a rare bug where downloads would be stuck in a loop. [v1.6 beta 1]
  • Fixed rogue tag 'JamesXIIIC' appearing in the synths list. [v1.6 beta 1]
Zen is available to download as freeware for PC and Mac.

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